How does it work?

Artist, Labels, Agencies can submit songs to our platform, by choosing genres and campaign size and a date to run it. 
On that date you will receive an email "Songs arrived to review" you then got 7 days to review, make sure you don't miss the revenue for it. 
The revenue earning per review starts from 1 -20 USD, depends on how active and how many followers you have. you need at least 1000 Followers. 
If it's a positive feedback, you need to add it to your playlist at least for 4 weeks or more give them Artist a chance to find his fans.

If for some reason you don't like it, write why you don't like it. So they
can gain there skills in the production of the next HIT track. 
Once you done, you receive the revenue for it. 

If you need to know how to write reviews?
click here, if you want to apply straight away check here how to apply 

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