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Music Marketing Strategy 2022

No doubt some things have changed in the Industry the past couple of years. We still think there is a high chance to go viral even as indie artist. 
How to get viral in 2022? Playlists and TikTok are playing still key in this business. We also think Instagram with ads directing to your own music profile is one of the strategies in 2022 as well. But why would people click on the link? And how much does it cost? 

The cost per click can be between 0.002 - 0.8 USD. Which is a huge difference. This is depending on the regions countries you choose and where the ads are place such as Instagram (Story, Feed, Reel, Messenger) same with Facebook. 

People tend to skip unless its a catchy video. So even someone clicks on the link you would still need 30 sec for the song to get played and counted as a stream on Spotify. So it's a very costly part.  
You could also place an ad for your own playlist so the chances are higher to get people on board and the track played through. 

If you feel uncomfortable with creating ads or want SongRocket help with your ad creation, don't hesitate to contact

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