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You already have a song out or close to its release date and want to promote it by pitching it to Spotify playlist curators who will review it for a chance to be featured? We’ve got you covered. Playlist pitching has never been easier. You might also get even further and added to editorials later on your path. Start your campaign now.


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We have music influencers around the globe curating spotify playlists for EDM, Rock, Pop, Drum&Bass, RnB, Trance, Techno, Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, R&B and many more genres and sub genres.


Choose what pricing budget you have to run your spotify campaign with us. You can simply target through genre so that your song is not targeting any other genre than your actual track is. it’s important that the genres are right. Cross genres work only for a higher budget.


Simple, flexible pricing strategy for your music allows you to join millions of listeners around the world. Start your spotify playlist campaign now. Do you need a hand for the right genres? Ask in the support chat for help.

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