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How much will my campaign cost?

The campaign starts from as low as 6 USD, and you can choose any budget you want for the genres you choose. It allows you to select the number of curators for the genres you want. For a lower budget, please make sure you are using genres that match your song. Stay tight on the genres you choose. We cover everything from hip hop to lo-fi, folk, country, and rock. If you need help with the genres, please let us know in the chat or by email. Don't overuse the genres. For example, don't use "pop" or "indie pop" when it's a "singer-songwriter" song with no strong drop. Same in dance: don't use "EDM" or "House" if it's a "funky house" track. The higher your budget, the more curators you can reach. Sometimes it is good to start low if you have a low budget or are unsure how the track will do. The beauty is that you can extend any previous campaign as many times as you want.Here is how.

similar to a subscription, but completely under your control. So you can test low, go high later, or on a monthly basis.
Each campaign runs at least 7 days. That's the time curators can reply. If for example someone would miss it, the campaign goes into extended mode for another 7 days and more curators will be pitched till full budget is used. 

Older release? No problem, we don't show any release date, why? Read more
Want to pitch prior release? We got you covered!

If the track is a match for us, we will post it on our "Artist Spotlights"on social media, such as an Instagram reel."

You can also check the list of some curators here.

Please note, we don't guarantee any placements, as this is against T&C's from Spotify

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