Getting into Spotify playlist plugging is an important part of a successful artist’s career. It allows them to reach new audiences and increase their fan base, as well as increasing the visibility of their music. Playlists are becoming increasingly popular amongst streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music – meaning it’s more important than ever for artists to get on these playlists in order to gain exposure.

For independent artists who don't have major label backing or access to traditional radio stations, playlist pitching can be a great way for them to grow their fanbase and build awareness about themselves within the industry. By getting onto established playlists with large followings they can quickly expand beyond just friends and family listening into potential fans from all over the world discovering your music through these platforms which wouldn't otherwise exist without this method of promotion. Note that a lot of playlists are synced with Youtube and Souncloud. This helps to get more potential fans and more people Shazaming your track. 

Finally, playlisting also offers great opportunities for collaboration between different genres or styles that may not normally mix together but when placed in one curated list create something unique that has never been heard before! This type of creativity helps break down barriers between genres while allowing musicians from diverse backgrounds come together under one umbrella creating something special that will hopefully resonate with listeners everywhere! See what SongRocket can do for you. 

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