5 Steps To Be The Greatest Playlist Curator on Spotify

How to curate the best playlist on Spotify?

1. Research Your Audience. The first step is understanding who you’re creating your playlists for. Knowing what type of music they like or don’t like will help you create more relevant content that your audience will enjoy listening to. You should also research other similar playlists already available so you know how yours should stand out from the rest and provide something unique or special for listeners to tune into each week.

2. Pick A Theme & Genre For Your Playlist . Once you have an idea of who your target audience is, decide on a theme and genre for your playlist that fits their needs best as well as reflects what kind of vibe or emotion they might want when listening to it.. This could include anything from upbeat pop tracks perfect for working out, chill vibes ideal for studying/relaxing, throwback jams reminding them of nostalgic moments in life etc… Having this focus helps narrow down which songs fit best within the list while keeping its consistency intact throughout all episodes released over time!

3. Gather Tracks & Curate Content . Now comes one of the most important parts – gathering tracks! Start by searching through various sources such as streaming services (Spotify), blogs/websites dedicated solely towards new music releases. 

4. Create a nice profile picture and cover design for the playlist. 

5. Publish The Playlist on Spotify, make it public and share it on Social Media with Artist from the playlist so they can share it as well.

At the end a solid profile with few Playlists should look great solid and have around 100 Tracks a nice mix from majors and Indie. 

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