Rules for playlist curators

Deadline for reviews are 7 days for each submission. Everyday you receive a reminder email if a new track arrived to review and when the oldest will expire. Please check your e-mail 1pm central europe time.

Make sure you write proper feedback, how to write reviews? please check section here

The more tracks you add the better will get your scores so you can reach a higher level. So don't add the track on the end of the playlist.
Also if it fits on some others add them as well! Give artists as much exposure as possible. 

When you've written your positive feedback and track has been added, let them know to share the playlist. So you can attract more followers.
The tracks needs to be on playlist for at 3-4 weeks or even more, give artists the chance to get the monthly listeners and more fans engagement.
We also get the listeners count from artist of 28 Days, which counts your listeners score, so the longer you have it the better the score. 
No advertisement is allowed on the review writing section, promoting to your own sites or services may get you banned.

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