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Spotify Story Feature and Countdown

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has recently launched two new features that are designed to enhance the overall user experience. These features, known as "Countdown Pages" and "Spotify Clips," offer users new ways to interact with their favourite artists and build excitement around upcoming album releases or events.

The "Countdown Pages" feature is an exciting addition, offering users a dedicated space to follow their favorite artist and countdown to the launch of new music or other events. With this feature, Spotify aims to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for users, making the platform more engaging and interactive.

In addition to Countdown Pages, "Spotify Clips" is another new feature that allows artists to add 30-second videos to their profiles, similar to Instagram or Snapchat stories. This feature offers artists an exciting new way to engage with fans, allowing them to share more intimate and behind-the-scenes moments with their audience. With Spotify Clips, fans can now get an inside look at their favourite artist's creative process, daily life, and upcoming projects.

Its currently not rolled out in all countries. 

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