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Getting on playlists is essential for success. It gives artists the opportunity to reach a wider audience and push or grow their fan base. Additionally, being featured on a good playlist on Spotify can be beneficial for artists’ careers as it provides exposure that would otherwise not be possible through traditional methods of music promotion.

Playlists are also important because they allow listeners to discover new music and keep up with the latest trends in different genres of music. Furthermore, they provide more visibility than radio airplay or other forms of media coverage due to their wide reach across platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music where millions of people listen daily. This allows fans to easily find your songs without having to search manually which increases chances for engagement with your content significantly compared if you were relying solely on organic searches from potential fans who may never have heard about you before discovering your song in a playlist contextually related thematically or musically speaking .

All these benefits make clear why being included in various playlists should be part any artist's promotional strategy regardless if they already established or starting out fresh.

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