Playlist Pitching for Labels

Labels can use, the Spotify playlist pitch service platform, to get their music out there in front of more people than ever before. Songrocket allows labels to create budget based campaigns (Extend possibilities) that reach new audiences around the world from a normal playlister to influencer youtuber or tiktoker with playlists without having to worry about marketing costs or time-consuming promotional efforts.

Finally, labels are able leverage songrocket’s relationships with top influencers who already have large followings on social media sites; these influencers help promote newly and old released music from label rosters directly into playlists across platforms such as Spotify Soundcloud and more. This makes it easy for those looking discover fresh sounds quickly since all relevant information (including album art & links and pitch) will appear right alongside the campaign! With this level exposure available through one platform alone -labels no longer need worry about investing heavily into traditional advertising campaigns order make sure everyone knows who signed up next big thing…SongRocket has got you covered.

Some of our case studies are listed here including a deck sheet to download.

For one account used by multiple users from a music label, you can set a payment in the back so everyone in your team can pitch a song.

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