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Can I trust the platform?

Yes, I’m an artist, producer and curator myself (Luk on Insta) and building this network. So it’s important for me to have curators approved manually with active playlists ONLY.
We cover some big playlist brands and individuals who are in some cases artists as well:

soave-records.pngSoave Records Spotify Link
Future_House_Music.pngFuture House Music Spotify Link
sidekick-music.pngSidekick Music Spotify Link
blanco-y-negro.pngBlanco y Negro Music Spotify Link
ufo-networks-playlist.pngUFO Networks Spotify Link
klangspot.pngKlangspot Spotify Link
chilled-Cat.pngChilledCat Spotify Link Spotify Link
UNRELEASED-WITH-AUSTIN-KRAMER.pngAustin Kramer (Tomorrowland One World Radio) Spotify Link
pink-panda-dj.pngPink Panda Spotify Link
profi-music.pngprofi music Spotify Link
rizing-playlists.pngRizing Playlists Spotify Link
da-dose-of-house.pngDay Dose Of House Spotify Link
virol-music.pngVirol Music Spotify Link
immersive-sounds.pngImmersive Sounds Spotify Link
soar-playlist.pngSoar Playlists Spotify Link
paraiso-records.pngParaiso Records Spotify Link
stereofox.pngStereofox Spotify Link
Thierry Von Der Warth.pngThierry Von Der Warth Spotify Link
robaer edm.pngRobaer Spotify Link
Relavel Records.pngRelavel Records Spotify Link
PARANEMO Records.pngPARANEMO Records Spotify Link
beyourself_music.jpgBe Yourself Music Spotify Link
milkshake.jpgMilkshake Spotify Link
cosmicleaf.jpgcosmicleaf Spotify Link
rkj_music.jpgRKJ Music Spotify Link
martina_budde.jpgMartina Budde Spotify Link
luk__music.jpgLuk Spotify Link
gobi_desert_collective.jpgGobi Desert Collective Spotify Link
wasted_talent.jpgWasted Talent Spotify Link

And over 350 more with over 21 Million Playlist followers just to mention a few here. Check our Instagram feed for updates and new artists. 

And whats a really advantage for you, some curators sync playlist across platforms such "Soundcloud, Deezer, Pandora, Youtube and Apple Music" like myself. So you are not just pitching to Spotify playlists only. 

Example from my Playlist on Deezer:

on Soundcloud

LUK · TikTok Songs Music 2021, TikTok Songs 2021 | TikTok Viral 2021 Music TikTok Viral Hits

We also started put some case studies together. You can see it here, for more examples let us know.

Make sure you don't pay for any plays promoted with "Guaranteed Streams" this will not help your track within Spotify!
The numbers itself won't help you grow for the future. 
To learn more about a "Healthy Spotify" account check here

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