How does it work?

In three simple steps, you can create a campaign for an already-released song or a track prior release. This will be pitched to our carefully chosen curator network. There is an onboarding process which takes place to avoid fake playlists/curators to be approved, it's not automated like on other platforms.

After you set the campaign and launch date you are ready. They have then at least 7 days to review the song you submitted to review to our submit hub network. A campaign can run up to 3-4 weeks as long as budget is available. You can also read some case studies here and about our rerun function which is handy so you can test low and after that just extend it as much as you want. 

You can read more about it in the Artist Section. To simply start, go to Start a campaign. Fill out the information needed, upload your song, set your budget and genre, and you are all set. You can check some of our curators right here.

Also have a look at our artist roaster. 
Please keep in mind we don't promise placements this is a pitch platform, this is against Spotify T&Cs and you might get taken down by Spotify or if you use fake list like these: https://open.spotify.com/user/... what I mean by that you can see right here. You also may pay a fee to Distribution for using fake streams and ruining your Spotify algorithm.

Few of our major clients
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If you are a playlister, please go to our Curator Section

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