How to identify spot fake streams and playlists

1. The growth of a playlist. If you see spikes and drops with a higher amount of followers this should indicate something is wrong with the list. 
2. Spike and drops in the streams. 
3. Not triggering the Discovered Weekly or any other Algorithmic Spotify Playlist. 
4. Stay away from free submissions portals where these kind of lists are on there in return you need to follow the playlist. 
5. Guaranteed playlists placements packages sponsored on Insta or email marketing stay away from it, worst case your track will get taken down. 

Never use any service without you know who is behind the website or platform.  Do some research and also look into the impressum.

Stay focused on the growth of your fan base and music. You should not spend more time focusing where you have been added analysing your stats daily. 
That's why we here for, pitch your tune and return on building your music career. 

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