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My Spotify playlist gets reported randomly

Playlists on Spotify can be reported for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that the content of the playlist, or individual songs within it, violate Spotify's terms and conditions. This includes playlists with explicit language or images, as well as those which promote hate speech or violence. Additionally, some users may report playlists due to copyright violations if they contain music that has been illegally uploaded without permission from the artist/label who owns it.

Another possible reason why someone might report a playlist is if its title contains offensive words or phrases which are not appropriate for all audiences; this could include racial slurs and other forms of discrimination directed at certain groups of people. Similarly, any type of spammy content such as links to malicious websites should also be reported so that Spotify can take action against them promptly before they become too widespread in their user base.

Unfortunately it can also be reported through anyone for no reason, and just want to get a higher rank.

Finally, there is a solution to this. You can either get verified by the user name profile, or you ask for VIP protection from Spotify. 

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